The EmoRec Co. Ltd. owns many core technologies including infant cries recognition, machine learning, and signal processing. We provide infant crying translator app, infant crying identification technology, and related cloud services. The first product of EmoRec is "Infant Crying Translator APP ". The main customers are parents of newborns.

The infant crying translator won a Gold medal from the 2015 Hong Kong International Invention Exhibition, the Best Paper Award from DLT2014 and ITAOI2015. “Infant Crying Translator" also ranked at the top 10 in 2014 innovation and entrepreneurship incentive plan (FITI, Ministry of Science and Technology), and was elected as a spotlighting technology in the MOST press conference, Sep. 2014.

We have collected more than 200,000 cries from the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch. Machine learning and the big data analysis techniques are used to automatically adapt the crying model for each infant. Infant Crying Translator recognizes four types of infant crying, including being hungry, in pain, wet-diaper and sleepy. Experimental results have revealed good performance of the proposed system, the recognition accuracy is up to 92%, 85.4%, 83.8%, and 77% for infants born within 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and 4 months, respectively.


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